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Know your fabric – GSM edition.

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A typical inquiry posed by customers, frequently when looking for garments or cloth, is the importance behind the GSM tag.

GSM, otherwise called grams per square meter is basically the metric estimation of the heaviness of a fabric. This estimation causes one settle on the best weight to purchase, thinking about the use of the current material.

The higher the GSM number, the denser the fabric’s stitching will be. For instance, if the mark on a cloth shirt peruses 180-200 GSM, the shirt material would be thick and would likely keep one warm. On hotter days, the best pick would be a shirt that is 130-150 GSM which will undoubtedly be breezy and more comfortable. Then again, customers looking for lower quality shirts would select to purchase 100-110 GSM shirts, as these would possibly be worn on not very many occasions and regardless of whether it blurs after each wash, it most likely doesn’t generally make a difference.

A similar guideline applies to towels, upholstery material and a wide range of dresses extending from winter to summer wear. Next time you see the estimation of a texture’s GSM, consider the reason for for your purchase.

Now follows a simple breakdown of fabric GSM to explain the concept better:

  • Light-weight fabrics include chiffon, linen, organza, cheesecloth, lace, voile, mesh and more.
  • Medium-weight fabrics include face towels, hand towels, bath towels, pool towels, sateen, oxford, velvet, taffeta, charmeuse etc
  • Heavy-weight fabrics: face towels, hand towels, bath towels, pool towels, upholstery fabric, canvas, brocade, poplin, denim

Lightweight fabrics are mostly used in the manufacturing of summer clothes and underwear, while heavy weight, dense materials are popularly used for upholstery and furnishing.

GSM fabric

Now you know why denim jeans last a lifetime, and why delicate organza blouses require careful hand washes. Happy Shopping!

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