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Thread Counts are important. Here’s why!

Often heard people in textile business talking about TC’s? Read on the packaging of your home linen that the products boasts of a hefty Thread Count? Here are your answers to all the questions that come to your mind for purchasing home textile goods.

Thread Count refers to the number of threads woven together in a square inch. Both length-wise (warp) and width-wise (weft) threads can be counted. So 100 length-wise threads woven with 100 width-wise threads produce a thread count of 200.­

Thread Count has turned into a popular expression for promoting extravagance sheets, shirts and other woven texture products. The thought is the better threads you can weave together, the gentler and better the texture.

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Yet, that is not generally the situation. As indicated by Consumer Reports, a thread count of 200 is fine; 400 might be gentler. Be that as it may, anything over 400 will probably just give a more expensive rate tag without added value.

To get an idea of the kind of texture different thread counts produce, think about that a thread count of 150 (75 threads one way, 75 different) produces muslin, which feels somewhat unpleasant, not very luxurious. Great quality sheets come in at 180, and anything over 200 is viewed as better quality.

So how are thread counts such as 800 or 1,200, which a few makers guarantee, even conceivable? How can one fit that number of threads into a solitary inch? The short answer is you can’t. “A few makers utilize innovative math to lift thread count.,” clarifies Consumer Reports.

In the soul of free venture and rivalry, producers fight to compute their thread counts high, higher and most noteworthy. They count not just each thread, however every fiber (called plies) th­at make up each thread is also counted. So a solitary thread may be four plies twisted together; one producer will call that one thread, while another maker will call that four threads.

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To unwind this irregularity, Consumer Reports contracted an autonomous material lab to include threads in a queen-sized bed-sheet set with a manufacturer who expressed his thread count as 1,200. The lab tallied 416 threads for each inch, only 35 percent of what was asserted.

Now you are aware of the real and the hoax, and hence, can shop smarter.

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