• thread count

    Thread Counts are important. Here’s why!

    Often heard people in textile business talking about TC’s? Read on the packaging of your home linen that the products boasts of a hefty Thread Count? Here are your answers to all the questions that come to your mind for…

  • printed pillow covers

    GSM is crucial – here’s why and how!

    Is there a connection between the GSM/heaviness of a fabric, and its cost? The appropriate response is ‘yes’. Essentially in light of the fact that increasingly crude materials of better quality would be utilized to weave fabrics that are higher…

  • GSM brown fabric

    Know your fabric – GSM edition.

    A typical inquiry posed by customers, frequently when looking for garments or cloth, is the importance behind the GSM tag. GSM, otherwise called grams per square meter is basically the metric estimation of the heaviness of a fabric. This estimation…